Deborah Sills

My name is Deborah Sills, and I'm an Associate Professor in the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department at Bucknell University. For my sabbatical, I am spending the 2021-2022 academic year at the Volcani Institute in Israel. I am a teacher scholar at a primarily undergraduate institution (PUI) with interests in environmental processes and sustainability. My research focuses on sustainable production of biofuels and bioproducts. I work on my research with undergraduate students. We use laboratory studies and modeling techniques—such as life cycle assessment—to develop and improve the environmental performance of resource recovery from wastewater and multi-product biorefineries.


My academic vita


CEEG 340 Environmental Engineering

CEEG 442 Sustainability Principles for Engineers

CEEG 443 Sustainable Design of Engineered Technologies

CEEG 445 Environmental Engineering Chemistry

ENGR 222 Fluid Mechanics–Laboratory Studies

ENGR 290 Engineering in a Global-Societal Context: Costa Rica

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Office: 215 Dana
Phone (570) 577-3367